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Kombucha Starter

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Kombucha Starter

Has anyone every tried inncoulating a flour-water mixture with Kombucha SCOBY to make a sourdough starter? Would that work?

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You'd probably end up with something usable, not sure if it wouldn't take almost as long to sort itself out as just using the standard pineapple juice+rye flour method.

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Actually I used fermented Kombucha Tea not the scoby.  The starter worked for short while then developed a pinkish tinge to me that the other starters I was testing at the time to see which would produce best starter didnt develop.  I decided to toss the starter since none of the other flourishing starters had that tinge and I was concerned it was something well not for consumption.

I have been making Kombucha Tea for several years now so I know it was not due to poor KT. Personally I would't use it but best way to decide is to test it out with other starters at same time.  example: water & flour mix,  pineapple juice & flour and so on.

Ohh btw this is my first ever post, so I'm thrilled to actually be able to share some knowledge ^^


/huggles and Happy Baking