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Radical approach

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Cathryn K

Radical approach

Hello All,

Wanting the convenience of the "no knead" approach, but still wanting the flavor of sourdough, I've been trying a radical approach that seems to be working well. I have tried it on two recipes- yesterday, Peter Reinhart's Struan Bread from The Baker's Apprentice.

I add 1 C of 100% hydration whole wheat starter to the final dough, and mix in the bowl just enough flour to make it workable. I turn it out and gently knead just until it holds together in a smooth,( very moist, a little sticky) mass, then let it rise at room temp for fermentation, with a brief stretch and fold, then on to the final proof (I proofed in a lined basket) Half an hour before baking I put my dutch oven into the oven and set it for 450' (100' above the recipe temp). When oven and pot are up to temp, I sprinkle a handful of polenta in the dutch oven, flop in the dough, cover and bake for 15 minutes. Then the lid comes off and it bakes about 20-25 min more to brown. Beautiful loaf, great flavor, excellent crumb. I think I'm on to something! Has anyone else tried this???


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Yes, I've been toying with something like for some time now.  IIRC the ABI5M book even reccomends it.

My method is to save a few hundred grams of the basic ABI5M dough from each batch and incorporate it into the next.

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Me too!  I follow something like this recipe:

I use a freshly refreshed all rye sourdough because it gives it that much more kick and moistness.  I also double the recipe because we eat bread like hogs, and bake it for about an hour or so.  I like moist bread, so I'll sometimes use buttermilk for the liquid.


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Aussie Pete


Yes, I just baked a no knead sour dough loaf using a new 10 day old starter. I don't have a dutch oven so I use my wife's caserole dish using much the same time scale and method as you. It turned out great.

For general knowledge I have not had success with a sourdough starter until I read about using wholemeal flour with pineapple juice on this site. It is now up and bubbling and now living in the fridge. It is at a stage now where I no longer use pineapple juice but water instead when feeding it.

My wife and I couldn't believe the sour flavour we had from such a young starter. Now it just occurred to me if it is such a young starter I think I will call it "Junior". I've seen some other starters out there with some good names on this site.

So why not?