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Location, location, location.

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Location, location, location.

I am absolutely dazzled by this website which I stumbled over when looking for something else and promptly joined. The amount of activity and the breadth of knowledge is amazing and from all over the world.

Members are from all over the world which is really fascinating but very few  have put their location in their profile. I come from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Climate zone USDA 11, the same as Hawaai. "Beautiful one day, perfect the next!"

It would be great if members edited their profiles to give others a clue about where they come from

Many regards, John

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Hi, John.

Welcome to TFL!

You are obviously quite perceptive, having quickly recognized the wonderfulness of this community. ;-)

Can we assume you have an interest in baking bread? If so, tell us more about it.

And, as is in my profile, I live in Central California, where it's perfect ... today. 


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Welcome, John!

Indeed, there are members here from all around the world.  I'm in the Portland, Oregon (US) region,  an area where a disproportionate number of site members seem to come from.  Perhaps the 155 days a year of measurable precipitation have something to do with it.

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Nice to meet you John!

I'm from the Western Pennsylvania.  I think I'd rather be where you live. ; )  The high for today was around 44F (7C).


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And the Oldcampcook is from a rural location about 20 miles South of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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I'm from the North of England, where it is cold, of course!

However, it's not raining today!   My profile should be fully up to date!

Best wishes


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I am originally from the Carolinas, but live in South Florida and am a Travel Nurse so right now I am in Southern New Mexico!!! You will LOVE this site and will find an infinate amount of assistance!!! The folks are AWESOME!! WELCOME!!

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Greetings from San Antonio,Texas! Yeehaw!

Welcome aboard!

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Hi and welcome,
I'd better represent Canada. I am from Carluke, Ontario which is a rural community (for a while yet, anyway) about 100 km south west of Toronto. Today it is about 6 C and trying hard to rain so I am making bread!

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Debra Wink

I wish everyone would fill out their profiles, but location, at the very least. This is quite an impressive worldwide community where we can virtually break bread together :-)

Welcome to TFL, John


P.S.  You have't filled out your profile yet ...

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Oops! I thought I had but I must have messed something up. Thanks for the heads up Debra. I've fixed it now and even included a picture.

For the many people who are wishing it was warmer I have only one thing to say - You lucky people. Latterly Michelle and I spent a year in Europe and lived in South Africa for about three years off and on - and the most perfect weather was Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Nata. 80 kms inland from Durban and 650 metres up. Days like Queensland but nights down to 7-8C - wonderful. The cold is essential for a decent night's sleep.

And I would get to wear my wonderful cold weather gear!

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Currently, and temporarily, South Africa.  Based in Kansas.  Michigan native.  I could go on...


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Where abouts Paul. See my previous post


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G,day JohnMich

Greetings from the loneliest capital in the world, Perth Western Australia on the otherside, The state with lower HYDRATION than Queensland at the moment. we had a HAIL storm the other day that broke a run of 110 days with only 0.2 of a millimeter of rain. By the way my profile does show my locale, perhaps we will see some ammendments to profiles (it would be nice!) 

I will probably have to go in and ammend mine as i have had another birthday since i joined.

Regards Yozza  

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Aussie Pete

Hi John and welcome,

I come from the Hunter Valley just west of Newcastle, Australia. The home of big Shiraz and wonderful white Semillon.

Like the Queensland weather our wines here are brilliant on any given day and perfect the next.

Ahhh...the thoughts of a home baked baguettes with a local brie or matured cheddar cheese with a bottled aged shiraz while basting in a warm winter Hunter sun with friends and family.

Just as good as a home baked Ciabatta and semillion with a seafood platter on the Gold Coast  beach don't you think?

Welcome and enjoy this site ..............Pete.

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Hi there!

I'm from Ontario as well, just outside of Ottawa (the city that fun forgot, so says my husband, a civil servant).

Today I made Norms Onion Rolls.  Check them out on this site.  Delish!!

Also, Beer Bread from the Bread Bible.