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New Fidibus Classic mill

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New Fidibus Classic mill

I feel a little bad about a post like this, but I just wanted to share the excitment:  I received my fidibus classic yesterday, after having "visited" it daily for the last six months! Some preliminary observations:

  • At the finest setting, the resulting flour is super fine, more like pastry flour, with smal bran specks (bigger then with the Vita-Mix).
  • It is much faster then I thought, based on specs and comments.
  • It looks as good in person as the pictures, if not better.

I am looking forward to my first loaves with it this weekend!

One question, for good measure:

  • Are there special sifters that can be used to remove the bran, if desired?  As it is, it would go through my triple decker regular flour sifter.
  • Any special advice about using fresh flour?



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Congratulations on your purchase. You have a high end mill with an excellent reputation. Enjoy!

A bit of encouragement - even experienced home bakers who use commercial whole grain flour often experience a learning curve when they transition to home milled flour. As a long time member of TFL, I've read many posts on this issue.

Hopefully, you'll have a seamless transition. If you do not, don't be discouraged . There is a difference between fresh home milled vs (even the best quality) commercially available whole grain flour milled from the same grain. If you experience problems, it is not a reflection on your expertise as a bread baker.




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congrats! Can you post a pic of it? I have been regularly "visiting" the Fidibus classic on for the past 6 months, will take the plunge one of these days! If you don't mind my asking, What did you pay for it?

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So I paid their regular price, 399$ I think, which is quite surprising since it is 499$ everywhere else.  But I am in Canada and shipping UPS netted me another 80$ of shipping and Custom Brokerage, a topic all of itself...

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a quick search on google with the term "Fidibus classic" shows this photo...


and this review by a TFL member

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plastic soil classifiers from lmine to sift my home milled flours.

The finest one that I use (occaisionally) is the 100 mesh - from which I have (with careful milling) gotten pure white flour.  You may experience some differences.  These go much fine than most flour sifters.

They are not intended for food use, but I consider that the flour is in contact with them for a very short time and probably no harm is done.

They have done yeoman's work at my house and are still in great shape.

Hope this helps.

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As a suggestion, another sifter option, easier, faster, cleaner and more elegant (but more expensive!) would be the new Komo electric sifter, which apparently is a new addition to the Komo line. Since I am neither a seller nor an endorser for a particular retailer, please do a search on your own to find it (around $170-180). I have just ordered mine and look forward to using it. Best.

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I have only sifted out the bran for angel food cake recipe, my hubby's standard request for his b-day. I simply love using freshly ground flour for every thing. Hard wheats, winter and spring, generally have enough gluten for any yeast bread. I use white wheat berries for things you calling for white all purpose flour and red or bronze for what most people think of the flavor of whole wheat flours. If you have to cheat and use a bread machine 4oz of freshly milled white flour can be substituted for a cup of flour, that number came from Zojirushi bread machines website. Enjoy JQ