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Hello everyone.

I'm a baker in Sydney, Australia.

Bannetons and other proofing baskets are hard to come by in this part of the world so I need to buy some bannetons online.

I'm just wondering whether its worth the money - so far the oval bannetons I've found on the internet are about $32-$35 each (thats AUD so in USD probably $30ish or so).

To what extent will proofing in a banneton have a bearing on the result?  I understand that they are to provide support to a proofing loaf as well as put a nice uniform pattern on it.

So the short question - how important are good quality proofing baskets?




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Not so important, in my opinion.  There are many ways to support a loaf while it proofs.  The added benefit of the baskets is that when floured first and used to proof a loaf the moisture of the loaf picks up flour, and that is how we get those pretty circular patterns on the baked loaf.  If you just want to hold up a loaf while it proofs, you can try some less costly alternatives.

For example, for USD $5 I bought 5 small plastic colanders at the local Dollar Store ($1 USD each).  They are just the perfect size for a 700-800 gram boulle of dough.  I line them with well floured plain linen cloths and they work well, but no fancy flour patterns.  I also, on occasion, use some cheap baskets (Dollar store again) lined with linen (since they are colored and I don't know if there is lead in them) that are bigger than the collanders, so I can do boulles up to about 1200gm in those.  For batard loaves you can just use a cutting board or bench board and a linen couch (cloth) to support your loaves.  Inexpensive kitchen mixing bowls of appropriate sizes, lined with flour-dusted  linen will also work.

So, there are lots of alternatives, although only the ones that you have to spend more money on (wicker/willow/wood proofing baskets) will give you well defined flour patterns on your loaves.  If those are worth the money to you then that is what you will need to do.  If those are less important, some of the above ideas will serve you well for less money, as will other options you might think of.

If you are looking for Internet sources, there are several mentioned here on TFL, and you could search for them.  any of them are here in the US.  I cannot say if or at what cost they would ship to you there.  You can look for Lucky Clover,, and there are others.

Good Luck and Happy Baking

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I'm in the UK and Bannetons are fairly easy to come by, even if they are quite expensive, what has put me off about buying any was the additional cost of postage & packing.

I spent ages trying to find a suitable replacement and then whilst walking around a garden centre I found the ideal objects; plastic baskets for holding water plant in ponds. The sides of the baskets are quite steep and not a gentle as a conventional banneton but hey ho, it does the job. They come in all sizes but the 1 litre size is ideal for a 2llb boule. I bought 4, total cost £3.


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from SFBI, least expensive I've found online. I already owned two coiled brotforms, but I bought linen liners for them too.

Before that, I used floured-towel lined saucier pans, Easter baskets--only once, working around the hoop handle was too tricky--colanders, and large Pyrex bowls. All worked fine.

David G


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I think a a lined basket almost gives me better results. but the pattern is very nice, when i works out. I do recall someone at TFL making the bannetons himself..

I do believe prices are way too high (as high as 45 USD in Sweden last year), I got mine from SFBI while on a trip in the US. That was well worth it and I still treasure them. e.g.


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Aussie Pete

Hi Josh,

I live just up the road in the Hunter Valley. I googled Bannetons australia for you and found the following supplier/ web site. I think your problems may be over.

Google Bannetons australia yourself and find some other suppliers. I just found one to start you off. I think you will be surprised what is available for you.

Let us know how you go. Any time your looking for any supplies just state the product and put australia after it. Otherwise you end up all over the world thinking there is nothing here......Cheers...........Pete