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Please help me identify the banneton

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Please help me identify the banneton


I am trying to decide what two bannetons to purchase so I am looking in older posts here on TFL for any information and I found some photos from David's blog that I don't know what banneton is used ther.

Are these the oval or the oblong bannetons? I would very much appreciate any help from David or anybody that can identify.

Thanks a lot!


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Mini Oven

They are both cane. The longer loaves got their final rise in an oval brotform with a cane bottom and the round loaves in a round brotform.  There are many shapes to chose from but these are most popular.   They also come in different sizes for different amounts of dough.


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Some compnies would probably call the baskets that held the top loaves oblong. That would probably be the case for and Oval and round for the bottom.

In the case of Lucky Clover Trading, it would be rectangular for the top,  oblong and bowl(round) for the bottom picture.

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Hi Jonathan,

David Snyder is online now, so perhaps he'll pop up in this thread and share the sizes and maybe even the supplier.

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Wow! Pretty loaves! ;-)

They were proofed in the oval and round brotformen from TMB (affiliated with the San Francisco Baking Institute). They are the ones they call "Coiled Wicker Baskets." Both shapes hold 1.5 lbs of dough. Here's a link:


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I am asking this because I am planning to order a few baking tools during my staying in NYC. I am buying a lame, a couche and 2 bannetons. I wanted to order it all from TMB but they have only the oval and the round and not the oblong so I thought to buy all the tools and the oval one from TMB and the oblong one from another store. I basiclly thought of this because I was afraid that the oval one is not long enough and that I need the oblong one as well. What do you guys think? David, how do ypu mannage without an oblong banneton? Is the oval one long enough for you?

Thanks a lot again!


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Those $6 bannetons look like the ones they're selling at Sur La Table for $32! I know because I bought one there in their NYC store Friday! Speaking of which...

What is the best way to clean one up? My dough was too wet and stuck to it.

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Use warm water to gently rinse it, then air dry. If you have a range/oven combo, a good trick is to set the moist banneton, face down, on top of a warm stove top while the oven is baking.