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Baker's Log

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Baker's Log

I know that I should be keeping better track of what I do as I bake and what I get out of the oven.  I make some notes but it's pretty haphazard.  Does anyone have a tried and true form for tracking inputs and outpouts of their baking that they would be willing to share with the group?


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What I do is either paste or type a recipe into my word processor and print it. Then I make notes on time and temp as I go. Any changes I make or ideas I get for the next try, I make a note on the side or back. If I decide to scale the recipe for more or less dough, I write the numbers down.

I also convert all recipes to grams from the start.

I don't use a spread sheet. I just start with a photo if I have one, followed by an ingredients list and method. When I'm done with the baking and eating, I go back and make permanent my pencil notes.

Works for me.


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I use a spreadsheet that includes hydration, and ingredients (by weights). I also include intructions (procedures, techniques, temperatures) I plan to use. During the action, like Eric, I make notes on the printed spreadsheet, and use them when I make the next version's spreadsheet. I add a progressive version number to each new spreadsheet.

David G