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Newbie from Maine

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Newbie from Maine



I'm a newbie from Maine who is looking forward to learning from everyone here.  I"ve been popping in and reading for about a year now.  I'm just getting around to joining up and asking questions.


I've been trying to make sandwich bread for the past 3 years.  I've not had much success, but keep plugging along.  I figure one day I'll get it right then can move on to other types of bread.





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Hi Chucki,

Alconnell from Standish here.  Welcome to a great forum for bakers.  This site is chock full of great people and great info.  You'll find answers to most questions here as well as lots of opinions.  Just go with it and have fun!

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Frequent Flyer

This is a great place to ask questions or describe your process and get help. 


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Welcome.  In the past few months, I have been reading but, so far don't have much to offer.  


Literally for years I had wanted to bake my own bread but had always thought it was too complicated  Then, I found the recipe in the NYT for no-knead bread, started with that.  Never thought that it would be that easy.  Now, experimenting but making some good breads and laughing at some of the few failures.

Keep at it.  I never realized that retirement could be so much fun.