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Non-diastatic malt

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Non-diastatic malt

I have some "Aunt Patty's barley malt extract" syrup.  I need to know if it is or is not diastatic, for a Maggie Glezer recipe that specifies non-diastatic.   An internet search has left me confused and my question unanswered as has a quick search of this website.  Anybody know the answer?  I'm going to make Glezer's "Thom Leonards  country bread"  or her "Essentials Columbia Country" bread.  Any thoughs on these?  Thanks.



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I'm almost positive barley malt syrup is non-diastatic. It is heated during processing, which denatures the diastase enzymes. Diastatic malt comes as a powder, which is not heated and so it still has active enzymes.

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Actually, just to keep things on the up and up, there is some diastatic syrup out there, but it should be labeled so. Without any indication, the default should be that of non diastatic. Again though, most of it, for consumer purchase, is non-diastatic.

I purchased diastitic bms from

AB Mauri Low Diastatic Dry Malt
An important source of iron and enzymes that
help turn starches into sugars, dry malt offers an
easy and convenient way to enhance color and
taste without excessive sweetness. $2.95/1 lb. 

CJM Diastatic LiquidMalt
Liquid malt is chemically identical to dry malt,
but with 16% water content. In addition, the
malts used for liquid extract have been roasted,
which can impart deeper flavor. $4.95/16 oz. scroll down to:

2631 Panomalt Regular Diastatic Malt Syrup


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I would have surmised, just as  the two previous posters have explained,  that the liquid malt syrups are non-diastatic.  But I found "Eden" brand today in a store and the label says it converts starches into sugar (= diastatic!).  So there you are!  I have sent an email to the makers of Aunt Patty and asked them.  Maybe they will respond.    Meanwhile, if anyone knows for sure, I'd appreicate a post.