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the reason for my pictures

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the reason for my pictures

I know I post a lot of pictures the reason being myself I like to see the finished product of what the poster is talking about. I know not every one has a camera but as I have ,I do.

It sorta gives an idea of what my finished product looks like....

 sorry of you are fed up with my pictures....;-(((((( qahtan

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Who would be fed up?  Surely not a Loafer!  We're always begging for pictures, crumb shots and can't get enough.  I especially enjoyed your photo of the first loaf from your new round tin.  Brought back good memories of my mother's "Nut Bread" baked in just such a pan.

Don't stop posting your pictures Qahtan, and do stop feeling guilty about it!  A picture is not only worth a thousand word, as the saying goes, but little can motivate the rest of us to reach higher like images of excellent loaves like yours and so many others. 

Bake happy, and keep snapping and posting!

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I LOVE your pictures, recipes and postings - especially those that remind me of the foods I miss from the UK!  Patsy

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Hey, qahtan, I can't see any reason for anyone to complain about more pictures.  Personally, I prefer to see them in either thumbnail "click to enlarge" formats or reduced to something that doesn't dominate the entire web page (not making any reference to your posts  -  just a general comment) and to be truthful it's a lot easier to comment on a picture than a description that might or might not accurately portray the issue under discussion.

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I for one really appreciate it when a person goes to the trouble to post a picture with a recipe or is just willing to share a picture of something they made just in case I would like to ask for the recipe. If someone is telling you they don't like your pictures then hey, they don't have to look. :)

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The more the better!  Keep them coming!


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Sure wish I could post some pics.  You know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  That is why I love this site, the pictures.