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Miche and Burger Buns!

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LA Baker

Miche and Burger Buns!


I was looking through my iphone pics today and had some pics of a couple breads I hadn't posted.

The first is the BBA's Poiline Style Miche.  This is my third time making this bread and I believe that it turned out better than the last two.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is supposed to be a dense loaf right?  The flavor is fantastic and it smells like heaven.  It's really hard to knead.  I usually knead by hand at first, then divide it in two and use the mixer...I've never been able to knead it by hand enough to pass window pane or temp check.  Anyway, the crust looks really dark in these pics, but it wasn't burnt and tasted amazing.

The second are the Burger Buns from BBA's White Bread variation 2.  They were fantastic!!  SO EASY and a huge hit with my friends.  I tell you, you will not want to buy them ever again...but I say that about all the homemade bread I make : )





Close up of cracking on the crust!


Veggie Burger with aioli, guacamole, sprouts and carmellized onions...yummmmmmm

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Looks really yummy!!

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I just ate pizza and your picture of the burger made me hungry.

Greg R

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and the burger ingredients sound delicous...