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First loaf from my new pan

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First loaf from my new pan

This is the first loaf I have baked in this new pan, the pan a very kind soul sent to me from UK in the week..

I can see from this first bake it needs a little more dough to fill the ridges in the loaf to show it off properly, As I said to my husband, it will not taste much different to any other loaf it's just cosmetic reasons I wanted the tin/pan. Like milk, it tastes so much better from a glass than a cup...... Any way I am very pleased with the gift of the pan.....qahtan

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What a pretty loaf. What's the size? Any crumb shots? 


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I am so jealous!!! That is a beautiful loaf! I would love to have one of those pans.


How much dough did you put in that one?

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Mini Oven

or lying on its side?  Does it matter?  Wow, good first loaf!

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hi ur breads always look so beautiful :)

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 First thank you for compliments ;-)))) 

Six is 10cm x 25cm or 4 inches x 10 inches,

  I put in 1 pound dough but next time will try about 1 pound 3 ounces to just fill it a smidge more,

 I baked it laying down.

 Will show the crumb in a couple days as I alteady have a loaf in use.

 next loaf I am thinking Asiago cheese and black olive...



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I just can't help myself, I have to tell you I would make a rolled up stuffed deli meat and cheese interior and bake it hard. Then you could send it to work as an, eat it by the slice sandwich. Take your lunch bucket to work and eat it!


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 the loaf is far too big for lunch box, and if you stuffed it with cheese and lunch box deli meats it would come unrolled when cooled, Your best bet would be as the way I want to add my cheese and back olives,  I will chop the olives quite small and add the grated Asiago to the dough. I dunno it's just a thought. will post picture if I do it.


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Teshie Cianca-H...

Pls. let us know how we can find this pan, is beautiful, Love Teshie

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Just click on the image of the pan. Then you will be able to click forward for pan details an purchase. It was purchased from the UK. Rough estimate for price is over $60 US, total shipped.

Sorry, that link was in an earlier thread.

Direct link:


Teshie Cianca-Hampton's picture
Teshie Cianca-H...

If you answer me, how do I get the mess.? on the forum or my e-mail address., Love Teshie