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Tartine Bread

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Tartine Bread

Hi all, 

I just saw that there's a new upcoming bread book: "Tartine Bread" (ISBN: 0811870413). According to, it is due to be published in September. 

I don't know much about the, but if it's anything like the Tartine bakery book, it should be a must-have book. 

Does anyone here know anything about it? (Perhaps TFLers located in San Francisco can visit the bakery and ask?)


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If you've been waiting for this, it seems to be in stock at Jessicas Biscuit (  Not in stock yet anyplace else, and publication date is at the end of the month.

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I'm confused.  If the book hasn't yet been published, how can it be in stock?

Edited to add that a visit to the suggested site shows they do claim to have the book "in stock" - but they also note the release date is 9/29/10.  So maybe it's "almost" in stock.

Whatever, thanks for the reminder, Jessica.  It looks like an interesting book.


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I have no idea - just reporting what their website says.

Publication dates are sometimes not honored by the publishers shipment arm.

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midwest baker

Bookstores may have a book in store but will not be able to sell it until the release date. Online stores can mail it to you so you receive it on the release date. It's called preordering. Publishing date must be the same as release date.

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I got this book from THe GOOD COOK and have read it completely through.  It is a must have!!!