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Introduction + Do Jackfruit and Quinoa go together?

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Introduction + Do Jackfruit and Quinoa go together?

Hi, I'm Vittorio Arriola, AKA: Glacrwlf. I am a college student who is trying to major in the baking and pastry arts. I just completed my first class in baking and have 2 more classes to go, along with some other classes that are required to earn my bachelor's degree in baking. I hope to be active here and share my ideas with you.

My baking career was inspired by the anime: Yakitate!! Japan. I saw a few episodes and it caused me to become interested in baking rather than cooking. I saw a few people who were inspired by the anime as well.

Because of Yakitate!! Japan, I am on a quest to make the national bread of my home country, the Philippines. Pan De Sal might be the national bread NOW, but it seemed too boring for me, so I'm going to dethrone it by making the NEW National Bread... FILINAPAY! (FILIPINO + TINAPAY, which is the tagalog word for bread)

I made a bread using Leche Flan by making a French batard, cutting off the top end, hollowing out the insides, frying the insides like crutons, and mixing them with the flan and putting it into the bread. But I made sure to pound the bread's walls from inside to make sure it won't leak. I fed it to my twin brother and he LOVED IT!

Now I want to make another Filinapay using jackfruit and quinoa. But first I ask you...

Do Jackfruit and quinoa go together?

That's all for now and thanks for reading!

-Vittorio Arriola

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Mini Oven

Have you thought about vacuum dried jackfruit?  Aloe might be considered liquid.  They could be combined to hydrate dried jackfruit.   Canned jackfruit is softer.  Fresh needs to be chopped or each seed cover could be filled with one dough type and put whole into another dough type.  Just throwing out ideas.  Good Luck!

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How did you think about what you just said? I'm trying to make a donut using aloe juice and ingredients made out of jackfruit, like flour made from seeds, cream made from the pulp, and tea made from their leaves! That's Filipay #33: The Jackfruit Aloe Doughnut!

I made a book that covers most of my theories of making Filipay: The NEW National bread of the Philippines! This Jackfruit aloe doughnut is my 33rd theory, and I have up to 39 theories!

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Mini Oven

Keep in mind my brain can go in two directions at once in split seconds.  My imagination is 3-D  I'll try to slow it down to type.  While reading your question:

I saw jackfruit, flashback in a small Indonesian market with my son, first time tasted when I was a teenager in the Philippines, and popping out the seeds and preventing my fingers from getting sticky, a sharp knife, cut end of each seed pod, the rich yellow pulp color, smell of the fruit, a fresh cut "pod" and the sound of the fruit squeeking on my teeth when biting.  Pulling on it like soft jerky.   All in the flash of a few seconds.  I can almost taste it. The rough outside and size of the fruit kept jumping in and out of the picture.  Like carrying a watermelon.  Trees are very dense, leaves dark green and woody... fruit grow on the main stem of tree.  Black dirt.

Aloe, been growing it for years, one of my standard kitchen plants, used for burn treatment, not too keen on eating it but easy to grow, many varieties... sold here in Korea as a juice drink from Del Monte and others.  Very refreshing although I'm sure there is added sugar. (yikes)  Green, light green, skin with thorns not too smooth on the throat, the part I cut off and throw away.  Juice is good reminds me of canned coconut drink in that many little bits float around in the juice.  A pretty drink. No ice. Fun to stir. Consistancy of egg white when fresh.

Jackfruit, have eaten it canned packed in water or light syrup, add lemon, prefer it fresh, stringy fruit can be peeled like string cheese, sort of, can buy in Austria imported dried in packages like chips.  Saw a vacuum drying machine used on other fruit, creates light fruit, dried retains color and flavor and fruits retain shape, crystal like surface, easily biten or broken, look > delicate.  Smell peaches.  A pretty jar of mixed fruits for snacking.  Some dried jackfruit tough enough to well not think about in bread.  Fresh fruit wrapped around nut, ignore nut, but creates a hollow space, a space to fill, hmmm, space for interesting crumb shot... one dough outside, one inside with jackfruit inbetweeen...  like a filled olive, colors,  colored dough, aloe no color, light green but to light to detect, like egg white, egg white in bread, part of the liquids, interesting as a liquid?  Maybe, with dried jackfruit, moisture, jackfruit not always in season, can be chewy fresh, how long to bake or cook to make tender?  Very distinctive flavor.  Chewing jackfruit and sipping aloe juice, yes, I can see that, relaxed in a hammock drinking and chewing under an avocado tree, no, palm tree, coffee time at pool side with jackfruit in sweet cake...  Then wrote reply to your Question.

Now you added donuts to the vision, wow, :(  not really traditional, banana leaf, eating from banana leaf, baked banana flavor, cake served on banana, baked in, fancy wrappings and steamed with jackfruit, liquid from aloe, brown sugar, palm sugar, donut wrapped with stripe of banana leaf, donut holes, jackfruit filled with palm sugar/lime cake dropped into donut holes.  Not round.  Calamanci cake, canned jackfruit with calamanci juice sunk in cake.  Cake donuts, steamed, fried...  Bread.  Savory Bread with jackfruit...  Aloe,  tender crumb.  How is the crumb with aloe?  Back to nuts.  With nuts from the jackfruit, chopped, as topping?  Sure are good roasted but mealy, like chestnuts, mealy!  In the crumb.  Grated as flour...  Jackfruit flour?  Jackfruit flour, dried nut flour, fresh nut flour?  Dough rolled into jackfruit flour.  What about the skin on the nut?  Jackfruit dough.  Speckled dough.  Roasted flour.  Jelly roll with cream filling, jack fruit cream ... orange peel... clove... lime... pineapple cake... jackfruit glaze... Savory... jackfruit nuts and fruit flour... stuffing.  Meat stuffing.  Chicken with nut stuffing.  Boneless meat roll inside jackfruit bread.  Jackfruit crutons.   browns quickly... natural sugars?  Jackfruit pancake with aloe and nut filling, jackfruit/aloe flat bread.   Egg white and aloe whipped to a foam folded with nut & fruit flour... set as a cake.  Set as a donut, ouch, mini donut?  calories!  Gelatin.  Multi aloe agar agar, clear light green swirl with white aloe, specks of jackfruit in gelatin.  Touch of pink.   Bread swirled with jackfruit.  Served on banana leaf.   ...End of green and gold thoughts...

Re-read Q: " flour made from seeds, cream made from the pulp, and tea made from their leaves! That's Filipay #33: The Jackfruit Aloe Doughnut!"

Flour, I can see it but what are the properties? Cream from pulp, shreaded, fine grated mashed? can it be mashed? Gluten? (I only ask questions as a thought process.)  Tea??? Really? Not keen on leaves, sticky sap from fruit stem, leaves not sticky when cut?  Want a lab rundown on the leaves for potential poisions before I drink the tea.  Takes a long time to grow a fruit, dense leaf cover can't be the plant's only defense.  Jackfruit nuts are also not eaten in abundance, mainly because there are not so many nuts but if those nuts were made into flour, it would concentrate them.  Good or bad, what's in them? 

I have never heard of Filipay.  Sounds like a secret recipe.  :) A book?  Congratulations!

Hope that was helping, there are plenty of incomplete sentences and jumps in thought.  You asked for it, you got it.

More thoughts ---  Sorrel fruit pods. Combination with winter squash.  Nutmeg.