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Overproofed sourdough rolls

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Overproofed sourdough rolls

I proofed these rolls for about a full day, lots of happenings on the farm this past week, and since they had 5% dark rye and 5% hemp flour I couldn't turn them back into starter.

So I baked them and they were great, everyone loved them, even those who don't like sourdough!

The hemp flour has deep pigments which change the colour of everything they are mixed with and lend them a nice nutty flavour too. Nice lighter crumb. I have always reverted over proofed to starter but this batch was acting like Ciabatta so I just couldn't resist :)

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What was our first (US) flag made out of? What did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raise? What takes half the water of cotton and no fertilizer or bug sprays to raise and has over 200 medical componants?

 I guess we can keep supporting our Canadian friends that can grow Hemp. Have you eaten the seeds? Wow. 

And, If you grow hemp, all pot grown in the same area will revert to hemp and not have any punch.

I am not a grass fan. 

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I've eaten hemp seeds, there is some lovely organic granola's with hemp seed. Bear in mind as they contain no gluten they really weigh down the bread, and the stuff is expensive too. A 5 pound bag can usually be picked up for $20.00 or more.

One friend mixes hemp oil with cream cheese or butter for a nutty spread. If you are ever up in Ontario then check out Hempola