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King Arthur Sir Lancelot

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King Arthur Sir Lancelot

I've been trying for about a year to buy KASL in Houston.  The only distributor here is Dawn, and when I called them they said they did not carry KASL.  A week back, a Dawn salesman called me back, and said they do indeed carry KASL.  However, they do not do cash-and-carry, so I had so set up an account, which took about a week.  I finally got to place an order a couple of days ago.  I was told that their minimum order was $75, but they let me slide on the first order, so I got a 50 lb bag, and have made bagels and pizza so far.  Very nice!  If anyone else in the Houston area wants some KASL, let me know, and maybe I can get enough takers to hit the minimum next time.  I'm in no hurry: it will take a while to get through 50 pounds.



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That's a good price, $1.50 per pound. I remember reading somewhere that KASL is exactly the same as their consumer-branded unbleached bread flour. Can anyone confirm this?  It typically goes for around $1.75-2.00/pound around here, so if they are the same, then it's a good deal.



** EDIT: I take that back. KASL has a higher protein number than KABF, so they are indeed different products. I was thinking of a different flour. **

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Plus, I don't think the post is actually saying what the price was for the bag of flour. Couldn't/shouldn't have been near $1.50/pound. Probably not even .50/lb on a pick up basis.

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is what you were probably thinking of.  In 5lb packages it's marketed as their unbleached AP flour.

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I didn't mention the priced, but it was $22.31 for 50 lbs, or about $0.45 per pound.  This is certainly a whole lot better than buying the 3 lb bags online.

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Euro-Mid Products in the west Heights sells KASL in 50# bags.  The most recent price list I have lists it at $18.98 for 50#.  They sell to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays; I would call for specific hours.  You will need to place an order a day ahead so that they have your product ready for you.  They are located at the intersection of W 12th and Seamist in the 77008 zipcode.  I believe their minimum order is $50.  I am looking for organic high gluten flour in 50# bags, so if you have a source for that, I'd appreciate it!  Best of luck - Rosemarie

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Thanks for the tip.


I stopped by Euro-Mid earlier today to get a price list on their flours.  They said they'd email it to me.  I'm curious to see what they carry in addition to KASL.



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arrived at the local Mennonite store.  Had to buy food grade buckets at Lowes and proper air-tight Gamma lids from

I happened to look through my BBA book and noticed that there are several really great bread ideas which call for this high gluten flour.

Anyone with some advice on what ingredients to add/shy away from when working with this high gluten flour ?

Thanks all,