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KAF Blog on Kansas wheat tour

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Postal Grunt

KAF Blog on Kansas wheat tour

I'd just like to point out that the KAF blog site has an article on their company's tour of Kansas wheat farms and other facilities. There are a couple of short video clips included. The article also paid attention to the work that is being done at Kansas State University. For bakers near their Manhattan, KS campus, keep in mind that they sell some of the flour they produce there to the public one day a week. IIRC, it's on Wednesday afternoons. The article and the videos are well worth the time to read and view.

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I was truly impressed with the blog and the care that was taken of the wheat even before it was sold to King Arthur.  Take the time to view and read:


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I was impressed by the care and attention that the farmers and millers paid to the King Arthur products, too.  It was very interesting to learn about the harvest and milling process, and I was glad they included so many details. 

I hope they take more trips and report on their blog about them.  I learned a lot, but there is no doubt much much more for us neophyte bakers to learn, too.

The KA trip article really sold me on KA flour, too.  Sometimes I reach for the Gold Medal to save a few cents, but no more!