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Anyone notice that fresh flour uses less water?

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Anyone notice that fresh flour uses less water?

I was fixing Peter Reinhart's Variation 1 White loaf on page 266 of his Bread Baker's Apprentice and used 10 oz of water as opposed to the books 13 to 14 oz.

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Yes, but the gluten structure in fresh flour is weaker than the structure created using flour with some age on it. But if you're using commercially marketed "fresh" flour it probably been treated to improve the flour's ability to build a stronger network of gluten.

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Guess I should have mentioned that.

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I find that my freshly ground white whole wheat uses a lot less water.  Actually, because I use a DLX, I have to put in all the water and then I end up using a lot less flour.

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Fresh flour has a higher moisture content in the first place of course!

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