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How to make Corn Bun at taipan bakery

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How to make Corn Bun at taipan bakery

Does any one know how to make corn bun (粟米包) sold in Tai Pan Bakery at New York?

Click on Corn Bun, you will see picture of it.

Thank You!

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it looks just like a 'typical' item in a Japanese bakery. I eat them very rarely.

From the photo you linked to, it's probably a glazed 'butter roll' with sweet corn in white sauce added before baking. It could be sweetened with honey or sugar, or made 'spicier' with white pepper and cayenne.

Another popular version is to use thinned mashed potato (extra milk and butter added) instead of white sauce. Here's a version that's more "bready" if you're interested...

Without tasting the original, I honestly cant advise you on what it might contain from the photo—sorry!