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Coffee in Bread?

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Coffee in Bread?

Hi all. I am thinking of using coffee as the primary liquid in my bread. Does coffee have a negative effect on yeast? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Here's a link to a discussion about Dan Lepard's black pepper rye (which contains coffee).

A bunch of people here have made his recipe, so if you'd like some more info about it, you can follow the links around here or google 'black pepper rye'.


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I've used coffee in bread from time to time and it works just fine.

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Coffee?!, caff/ Or deCaff, that'll keep the yeats awake all night..

Just kidding, nice idea btw.



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Coffee is acidic and, from what I've read and heard, commercial yeast doesn't like acid very much. You might have to increase the amount of yeast in your recipe. By how much, I have NO idea.

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Thanks PeteInAz. Yeah I was wondering about that as well.

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As a matter of fact, I baked a sourdough bread using regular brewed coffee as the liquid. I put in some ground coffee beans and chocolate chips as well. It rose nicely and had a pretty good oven spring. I didn't even question about it before, but I think coffee works just as well as other liquids... I'm no expert though...


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That looks fantastic, you've convinced me!