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Rice Flour

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Rice Flour

Somewhere along the line I heard, or read, that using rice flour in your bannetons was more effective at keeping the dough from sticking than using wheat flour.  In my local stores I have seen smallish bags of brown rice flour, but not white rice flour.  So the questions are, is rice flour more effective and is brown rice flour better or worse than white rice flour?

I look forward to any comments.

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Edith Pilaf

I have used white rice flour on my couche and it effectively prevented the dough from sticking, but it made for a very slick and shiny crust without much color that I didn't like.  Perhaps I used too much --I brushed off as much as I could, but I think it still affected the appearance of the loaves.  I have gone back to using a blend of semolina and AP flour.  White rice flour can be found in any Asian market.

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After posting my question on rice flour I thought to query the database and found my answer in previous posts, don't want to waste anyones time reinventing a wheel.


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Granted, one can't always find the one, exact thing one was looking for, but the Search tool is very valuable.  I find myself using it frequently to look up a particular topic or technique or formula.  You've probably helped a lot of newer TFL members and visitors without even having that as your objective.


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This Day

I use rice flour to keep dough from sticking, but use wheat bran or whole rye flour when I'm out of rice flour.  However, when I'm making Scottish shortbread and there's no rice flour in the house, I've discovered that I can make my own by whirring up some rice grains in the blender.