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Is it my tongue or in my head?

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Is it my tongue or in my head?

I've baked all of my bread for the past 10 years in my bread machine. A couple of months ago I made the leap into sourdough - which is turning out to be a fascinating journey!

With my bread machine I could never turn out a bread made with more than 50% whole wheat flour that wasn't more crumb than smooth bread. A couple of days ago I made a sourdough bread with 100% whole wheat flour - my starter is 100% whole wheat flour, too - that came out wonderful! It was a huge suprise to me! The room where I proof the breads is around 72 degrees and I let the bread rise as long as it takes. What I'm wondering is do you think I see the change because I want to or is it because of something in the sourdough bread. The only remote thought I have is that the bread machine is on a cycle I can't control and with the sourdough I let the bread rise as it wishes. I'll appreciate any comments.

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Are you saying that you normally bake in your bread machine but with the sour dough you baked it in your oven?



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As you are now probably realizing; bread machines are great at kneading typical bread dough, but their proofing and baking leave much to be desired.

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I still remember my first sourdough loaf.  What great joy!  Got any pictures?  Love to see some!  Al

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Mini Oven

which is in your head! 

So it's in your mouth, which is, a good place for a good piece of bread to be.  :)

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i have baked my bread in a bread machine for the last 15 yrs due to time limits from work.

i am now experimenting w/ bread baking in the oven using a claypot. everything has turned out great so far.

i use the dough cycle of my bread machine for the kneading & first risings because i had a severe fracture to my right hand last year that required 4 surgeries. it's getting better but i can only knead w/o pain for 4-5 minutes.

try using your dough cycle first & then do the final rise & shape manually b4 baking in oven. it works for me. i have multiple friends requesting my bread.

take care, claudia

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Thanks for the comments. My bread machine is taking a rest for a few months until I get much more comfortable with my SD skills. The bread machine has the advantage of being able to make bread without thinking, but, I'm really, really enjoying having to plan out my bread making more. And I seem to feel a connection to grandmothers I never knew with the SD.