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Need some pointers

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Need some pointers

I have succeeded in baking some nice Ciabatta type loaves following "Jason's recipe" given elsewhere in the forum.  But I have been unable to score the loaves, and I feel this has not allowed them to expand fully.  One poster advised to transfer the "wobbly puffy" loaves to prepare for baking, and that is just what mine are - very wobbly and very puffy.  When I go to score them (have tried sharp knife; razor blade etc.)the dough grabs onto the blade - even if I oil it first, and drags along the top of the loaf until I sort of pinch it off.  Do I need more flour less water?  The bread is coming out great with large holes throughout, but no way can I score it. Eventually I'll try to get the proper "lame" tool, but that doesn't seem to be the problem; it's the nature of the bread I think.   Thanks for any advice.

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Not to worry about scoring.  Wet doughs such as ciabatta are never scored.  It sounds like you're getting a nice open crumb, and that's what counts.

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Welcome to TFL!  I agree that dough like ciabatta is just too wet for scoring.  Even if you can score it won't hold its shape; the slashed will disappear before you can bake it.  The open crumb is a good sign.  Sounds like a yummy loaf.  You have any pictures to share?  We always love pictures.  Al

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Ok, got that message;  I was wondering that those attempts at scoring just disappeared........just as you said.  Next batch I'll take a picture, and try to post it.  We are very grateful for all we have been learning; had no idea how much art and skill is involved in making really good bread.

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If your dough gets to full proof to the point of collapse i wouldn't score as you are inviting collapse, as previously stated the ciabata are seldom slashed.

regards Yozza