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looking for bakery jobs (pastries)

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looking for bakery jobs (pastries)

I'm looking to become a baker in a pastry shop, I asked around and they said it was light..this was in january but the busy season is approaching.. I need a full time job, not where they just need temp help during the busy season and throw you away when january comes around.


I'm around NYC.. there are a few bakeries on my block but only one is a good one. I asked during november, christmas and I know the owner pretty well and he said after the holidays it'll be better because it was too hectic. I worked for the original owner (bakery was est. 1912), original owner was the son of the founder, helped during easter but then he got rid of me after that. I was only 13 at the time.

anyways does anyone know of any openings in westchester,bronx? I tried going to RBA but it didnt have any openings.

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Hi SB, do you have any pictures or prints of your baked goods. If so, I think bringing them along with you, might help show you are avid to learn more. For now I think any experience in a bakery setting would help long term. How about asking if you could  just watch the pastry man do his thing.  They might just say go for it. I am not from your area, so i can't help dirrect you, but if you are in earnest, you'll get lucky one day. Be persistent in your quest, Good luck. Ray