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Mike I


I'm fairly new to bread making and there is one problem that I can't seem to overcome. No matter what shape I make my loaves they always flatten while proofing. the only times I can get a good looking loaf is when I use a pan. most of my loaves end up looking like ciabatta loaves. need some suggestions


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Hi Mike-

I am new to bread baking too and had a similar problem this morning. I just posted a question about my challah flattening and not rising upward. Hopefully someone will answer our questions so we can get this sorted out!

Good luck.


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I found a big improvement of my doughs regardless of hydration once I started doing stretch and folds.  Most people call for at least two, usually three stretch and folds during the bulk fermentation.  Also, when you shape the proofed dough, the technique for shaping can greatly affect the strength of the dough, because the goal is to get a nice strong cloak of gluten on the outside to hold the shape of the dough.  You could of course try proving your dough in a banneton or linen-lined colander, as that would automatically shape the dough for you.  If you want some good videos on shaping and stretching and folding I recommend the Back Home Bakery site.  THere are some excellent videos which I have found very helpful....

Check them out here:

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Try looking here;

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