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New to the forum

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New to the forum

Hello all! My name is Ryan. I have been lurking 'round this wonderful site. Hiding on the bottom shelf of the pantry, I have. I live in Southern California, in a town, that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans called home. I have developed a passion for sourdough, in the past few months. I have developed a starter that is 4 months living. Have great fun working with it. Looking forward to learning some new things and sharing what I can!

Good day!

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Just drove through your part of California as we went to Nevada and Utah.  One day we'll stop by the museum.

What have you made with your starter?  Glad you decided to introduce yourself.



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Hello Marni.  Thank you for the warm welcome. Although the Rogers resided here, they moved their museum to Branson, Missouri. Which they have recently closed and moved many items to auction. The houses still remain and the legacy.

I have been baking a few diferent breads with my sourdough starter. English muffin bread, A chocolate cran-raisin bread, chipotle bread, a loaf that resembles a baguette(law and history, won't let me call it a Pizza shells, and an experiment with sweet potato sourdough rolls. They turned out fantastic! Among a few others I cannot recall at the moment.

Chipotle black bean bread

mini loaf shown for size comparison.

I love this part, it is beautiful! After first rise.

"baguette" style sourdough roll

sweet potato sour dough rolls

english muffin bread, with a smoked egg, home made Canadian bacon and tomato

Katamala olive bread

I hope that is ok to share pictures in the forum.

Thanks for looking.

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Pictures are more than okay, everyone looks forward to them!

Did you bake all that recently?  You've been busy!

Sweet potato breads are delicious - I make a sweet potato (or sometimes pumpkin) challah.


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Mini Oven

"I love this part, it is beautiful! After first rise." 

That's brutal to your dough!  Welcome to TFL!  and pass the rolls!

Mini o

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Those are some breads I have done in the past 3 months. I had no idea that pouring the first rise out was brutal to the dough. The instruction say "pour" it out. This is why I joined the learn. I have bowl scrapers. I am alot further into this passion, than I thought I ever would be.


This is the base to the WFO project.

Currently under construction

I have the oven floor mocked up,not shown in this photo. It will be 30"x36" rectangular oven With a gabled exterior

Some sour dough pizza crusts.

Pre baked these for freezing. I am looking forward to one day cooking these in the WFO!

Thanks again for looking!