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Croissants------My First Bread

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Croissants------My First Bread

Fortunately i found this website two weeks ago and i saw so many beautiful bread you guys made. i realy hope i can get them from my oven . I think that yeasterday I got a good start in bread baking.I like the croissants so i decided the crossant will be my first bread and i gave it a shot but  I never thought that my first bread will look like this golden brown, good smell and the taste also is good to me and my friends. Here, i wanna thank to Gothicgirl who posted her croissants' recipe with so many details which i used for my first bread, thank you so much!!!

I am so happy and excited :) and i wanna share with you.

Here we go, the pictures of my first bread






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Your Croissants look perfect.


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Thank you Eric

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Keep up the beautiful baking you have a real talent!  Your photos are lovely too!


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Thank you for envouragement. I will keep baking and keep uploading pictures.

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That's a gutsy first bread. They look great. Welcome to The Fresh Loaf.

David G

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Thanks. I am happy being a new comer to The Fresh Loaf.

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I love the golden color, very pretty! The center looks so cool in the picture where you are holding it. Croissants are great because they are a work of art.




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If that's your first what are you going to make next? :-)  They look absolutely deilcious.  Job well done!


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Thank you Nick and Al. Actually I already made my "next" which is kind of easy, fast and funy way to made this afternoon. Beacuse today i am still excited about my "first", i can not stop myself so i have to spend some energy then i can calm down. The best way of course is baking my next bread. Haa haa! I am posting it right now.

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These look wonderful...which FreshLoaf recipe did you use?

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I used Gothicgirl's recipe which is available here

You can simply click her name above and you will get her recipe or you can go to

If you have any trouble getting this recipe, let me know. I will send a copy of her recipe to you. good luck!

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That is mighty impressive for your first bread.  Croissants are not a project for beginners.  You may want to consider a career in this!

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Thank you.Gothicgirl's recipe is really good and easy to follow. I would be very happy if i become a professional baker.