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stories from yesteryear....

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stories from yesteryear....

OK admittly im a plant baker and a mere push button baker however i bake a lot at home.

I am entered in a young bread baker of the year competition and the topic for a presentation is to identify key processes or law changes in the last 50 years. so ive decided to look at the food safety and hygiene approach.

I was hoping fellow TFL members would be interested in sharing any 'stories' they may have regarding this, for instance a fellow work mate can remember not having to cover their hair and uniform wasnt a major issue, he can even remember smoking around the pastry break. So as you can see if any of these where tryed today the casual approach of the old days wouldnt be acceptable.


so please enlighten me with your stories and thank you in advance

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Hi doughboy82,

When I was younger, I worked in foodservice, major grocery store chains, for approx 14 years starting in 1969 until 1983. We were not required to wear gloves when handlling ready to eat foods. Hand sinks were also not standard equipment in food service areas,  ie. deli, meat dept, bakery. My father worked for a large commercial bakery from about 1950 until 1992 and I remember going to work with him and seeing guys smoking in production areas. Something unheard of today!



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When my kids were young in 70's and 80's I ordered a birthday cake from a large grocery store chain. When I went to pick the cake up the bakery employee was mopping the floor. She had just dunked her mop into the mop bucket and wrung it out when she stopped to wait on me. She put her mop aside, didn't wash her hands or put on gloves and opened the storage case. She reached in and grabbed my cake after moving several others around. I didn't say a word, I just turned around and walked out of the store and never went back.