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Baking bread on charcoal grill

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Baking bread on charcoal grill

Has anyone baked bread on a charcoal grill or smoker anything other than a dutch oven. I would like to try this just wondering if others have and what the results were.

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I had never though about baking bread on a grill befor.  I amnew to baking  but not to gilling and smoking.  I can see it working by using indirect heat on a charcole grill.  You got me thinking and I might try it.

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I have a Big Green Egg smoker/grill. I have read that people bake breads on it. In fact, I believe I even saw some threads on this great site.  I have tried to bake bread on mine, but had technical difficulties.  I firmly believe it would make great bread.  If your not familar with the Big Green Egg, it is a ceramic smoker, and I have read that it acts like a giant cloche. 

I bake pizza's on it all the time and they come out great.....

Good luck, and please post some pics of your results.




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country yeast

I too have been wondering. I'm getting a Primo (ceramic like a green egg).My friend and distributor of the grill here knows of some who have made bread on the primo and have raved about it.
It makes me wonder if there are any special conciderations using this cooking method.
I wonder if the favor profile can be changed by the different wood/ charcoal combinations.