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Bob's Red Mill

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Bob's Red Mill

Today's Oregonian had a great front page article. Here's the link if I figure out how to do it.  

No haven't got it. Back to the Mac book  for me. I may figure out how to do it and it may miraculously appear. 


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Fixed your link for you. What you do is to select the text you want to have made into a link and then you have to click the little button that looks like a chain "link" in the top bar above your comment entry text input area (the one that has "B" for bold, I for italics, etc.) and then you put the URL you want the text to point to in that link url text field. The broken-chain button will "break" or undo the link and make it back to normal text.

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Way to go, Bob.  That's awesome.

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I read about this too. Three cheers esp in this climate of corporate greed.

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Thanks for instruction. Between the curved arrow to the left  and the tree are three grayed out icons. I will give it a try. Oh the chain lit up. So I pasted the link in the little box. Now it's underlined and I hope working. I am sure I have missed a fine point or two. My try follows doesn't seem to work. 


Oh my goodness it did work. Thanks tons.

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Edith Pilaf

I've been making all my whole wheat bread with Bob's stone ground hard spring wheat flour and it makes a very nice loaf -- excellent flavor and tender crumb.  Now I can feel good about buying this brand for even more reasons.

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I'm with Edith.  It's a good company, and now I'll feel even better about doing business with it.  And I'll be doing more business with it, I guess.


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What a great gesture to his dedicated employees. He has quality products which I purchase all the time.



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I have mentioned before here and a few other food oriented web places  this is exactly what the original owners of the King Arthur Flour Company did !  They are now a ESOP, that is a Employee Stock Ownership Program.  It is basically a retirement trust/retirement plan.  Its a great motivational tool and has many good (for the previous owner(s) tax savings.