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Peter Reinhart live chat on B& Thursday

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Peter Reinhart live chat on B& Thursday

Peter Reinhart posted this to his blog today:

Hi Everyone,

    I will be the guest of honor on Barnes & Nobles's author's chat group this Thursday, Feb. 18th, from 12 noon till 1 :30 PM Eastern time. I will field any and all questions in real time, so please feel free to join us. Here's the link:   I'm not sure how registration works so you might want to check it out in advance.  Should be lots of fun!   Will try to check back in on the Forum this week also. Once I hit the road next week it's really hard to keep up with everything.  Hope to see some of you in Chat Room.
    All the Best,
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I registerd with B&N but I don't know how to participate in the Chat set up for today at 12:00 Noon. I am a novice at this 'Chat Room' stuff.


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I think it's just a forum type question/answer (as we have here) that you need to register for if you want to participate.  Otherwise, if you just want to read, you don't need to register. I don't think it's a 'live chat' me that would be a facebook type interface, or IRC ....