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Great Bakery Video

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Great Bakery Video

Here's a video of the inside workings of a Roman bakery that I think many here will enjoy.  Just click on "New! Video" on the left-hand side of the page.




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Double wow!  They sure do it all.  Great video - thanks, Steve.

I cannot imagine going there and having to make a choice.  Maybe one of each?

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One cannot help but be hungry (and a bit dizzy) after watching that rather fascinating video.

Thanks for the link.


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Thanks for posting it.

David G

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Do places like this exist in the USA (outside of New York)?

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chip c

Thanx Steve, the video brought back great memories of a time I spent in Rome working at Campo de Fiore(midnite-7) for 2 mos. about 10 yrs ago.  I was a little surprised Marco didn't mention it.  Every morning the square would awaken to the smell of that bread and a beautiful farmers market w/ fresh flowers and produce from the farms outside Rome.

                                            thnx again,  Chip

P.S. it's the only square in Rome w/o a religeous statue.

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always alive ... fantastic produce market by day, clothes and novelties at night, five minutes from the Piazza Navona, two minutes walk from the Tiber and Trastevere in a section of Rome dating back to the Empire ... right out of a Piranesi print. whenever i'm in Rome, i stay close by.

fantastic video, btw ... i smiled all the way through it.

Stan Ginsberg

PS ... they don't need a religious statue ... there's a church there and a hostel for pilgrims to the Vatican -- the Foresteria del Pellegrino -- that was, and may still be, a youth hostel.

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Once you look at this video you know why I did not go into baking.   I love doing it now but that was a whole lot of work and unbelievable hours.   My dad did most of what these guys do and did it with just 2 people helping in the bakery not counting the clerks and the decorator.   He could not imagine doing anything else but I just could not see myself doing that for the rest of my life.   It is far from being recreational baking.  If you have the money and the location and the population to justify hiring a lot of people, that is one thing.   When you are the only baker in a town of 10K people, that is entirely different.  Doesn't matter how good you are, and he was excellent, there is still a upper limit to what you can afford.

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I just love those squash blossoms on the pizza/foccacia and in the panini.  I use them in quesadillas, I'll have to use them like that this summer!


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Fantastico!  There is no food like Italian food - I need to get back to Italy one of these days. :)

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Thanks so much for posting this. Great bakery, great video production.


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Really enjoyed watching this.

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In the bakery, that is. :P

Thanks for posting this - I actually downloaded the video. Sad to say, I've never been to Italy. Hopefully one day I'll be able to visit - when I do, I will visit this remarkable place.

Chip C - I envy you (and I don't). I fully realize what a grueling business this is - watching this video made me realize it all the more. Yet, probably because of the flour in my veins :D, I want to be able to make everything I saw on the video.

Sigh... my hips can't take it, though...(the calories - but I could also say that this type of work would wear down my aging hips, too, lol, and all the other joints in my body.)

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There is an Italian deli and bakery here in Phoenix and the gentleman who owns it does all of this every day.  I love going there. 

The video moved pretty fast and I was wondering the name of those sandwiches at the end.. and were they made with what kind of bread? 

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My husband heard me oohing and aahing..."What are you watching?" he asked.

The vid is on the way to him..

Thanks, Steve

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I thought at first it was way too fast paced, but it soon became evident it had to be in order to get in all the activity they actually do there every day.  I have no idea what half those products are, but I want to try them all. 

Thanks for posting.  Very enlightening.

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Thanks to that video, I may have cemented my plans for a vacation in Italy.. we've already picked out what we're having for lunch.. mwahahaha!  Thank you Steve.. you're a real pal!  Ha!

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I was in Rome, Italy recently and I remembered this great video SteveB posted. I decided to visit the place. I went there on a Sunday the first time round and it was closed unfortunately. There was so much to cover in Rome that we didn't get to visit Campo di Fiori on Tuesday, the day before I left for Florence. I didn't regret it at all. The bread was wonderful, there was so much to choose from, I didn't know what to do, staring at the bread for a full 10 minutes. I think the lady at the counter must have thought I was mad or something, kept asking me what I would like in Italian. A kind man, spoke to us in English, and recommended that we try their pizza bainco (seems like plain pizza without any sauce), one of their famous bake, and the lady behind the counter gave us a free sampling. It was so good, I bought it and a plain pane.

In fact, the best that I've tasted so far in Italy - from Rome to Florence, to Venice to Milan. This is the best. It was fresh, and I took it along on my train ride, I didn't have them until the following day, they still tasted good.

I have some photos that I took while the workers were loading and unloading the long pizza from the oven. will upload and show you all. They were so kind to even pose and allow me to take a picture. You got to be there to try it!