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Multigrain Bread

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Multigrain Bread

For anyone interested, I describe my baking of a multigrain bread here:




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What a beautiful loaf!!  I wish I could get ears like that but have never been able to.  Nice crumb as well.  I love Hamelman's multigrain breads.  There are a few of them in that book and I just love those formulas and playing around with them.  A variation of this bread is my standard bread.

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And a very nice description of the process and product.

For anyone interested, ....

I can't imagine anyone into bread baking enough to be on TFL not being interested ... if they have ever visited your blog. And, if they haven't yet visited, they owe it to themselves to do so toute suite!


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^^^: What David said above.

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great & yummy looking bread. can't wait to make some