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My first baguettes - DL's Parisian Daily Bread

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LA Baker

My first baguettes - DL's Parisian Daily Bread

I made my first Baguettes today!!  They were SOOOO tasty!  I made the Parisian Daily Bread, used Organic APF, SAF Instant Yeast and Sea Salt.  No changes to the recipe and it turned out great.  Here are my comments:

First, it rose really fast!  Doubled during the first fermentation (when it was only supposed to rise about 25%) and then doubled again after my turn. 

Second,  I need to work on my scoring technique.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I seem to be "ripping" the dough instead of making those smooth cuts.  I switched from my Lame (which is brand new, not dull) to a super sharp kitchen knife, you'll see the difference below. 

Third, baking time.  DL does not mention an internal temp to follow, so I looked up in the BBA, which says at least 205 degrees.  The first two, I think I underbaked, the last I left in and I think it tasted, sounded, and looked better than the first two.  Oh, I had to bake all three individually as my stone is tiny and can only take one at a time so I got to experiment with each one.

Here's the pics:


En Couche

In the oven (hard to see through all the stuff on my oven door)...

First baguette finished (this one registered 200 degrees, could have stayed in longer)...

Close up...

First two finished ( I left the second one in a little longer, but somehow the temp was lower at 198 degrees)

Crumb from first baguette...not bad, nice and shiny...

Last one...I left this one in the longest, and scored with my knife

Crumb looks amazing on this one! YAY!

I think I need to get a couple stones to fill the rack of my oven because I think I overproofed the last loaf a bit, maybe that's why the lame isn't working as well. 



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Outstanding for first baguettes!

Baguettes should bake in 20-22 minutes, but that assumes your oven is up to temp. If they are not done in that time, your oven is too cool.

Your scoring looks good. At DL's (Daniel Leader, I assume.) hydration of 68%, you shouldn't have too much problem with the blade dragging. If you do, I'd suggest wetting the blade and make your cuts fast. No hesitation.

If you haven't seen The Scoring Tutorial in the TFL Handbook, you might find it helpful.


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LA Baker

Thanks for the tip, I will check out the tutorial today!  

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I know the slashes on a baguette are supposed to be more lengthwise than widthwise, but that 2nd last pic is beautiful.  You should have it laminated! :)


I sure don't think it's overproofed.  Usually, if overproofed, the crumb has too large holes ( yours are perfect) and instead of the seams pressing outwards as they bake, they sort of collapse.  It looks perfect to me!

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I bought a Matfer lame and it is very dull compared to a double edge razor.  I whittled down a popsicle stick to hold the razor blade and it works great.  I think the double edge blades meant for shaving are much sharper than some of the single edge blades that are maybe more for scrapers and the like.

Having said that, your scoring is much nicer than mine.  That is beautiful bread.

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will slick

Hi your Baguettes look great. Internal temp: If you are getting within 5deg. of your target temp when you pull your bread out of the oven, the residual heat in the bread should bring you up to temp. I would say 198f to 200f is fine. scoring looks nice. I find when using a double edge razor blade that the leading edge catches and rips the dough if i hold it parallel to the top of the dough. If i raise the leading edge so it does not touch, using the back half of the blade I have better luck.

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I like the improvosation on the couche. I've not thought to try something like that.


I love that open crumb on the darker loaf.

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wet the knife with oil before scoring them, this will avoid sticking.


By the way what is the moisture content percentage, 70%??

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would you mind posting the formula?


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LA Baker

I love all the encouragement!

I would have posted the formula, but I don't know exactly how to calculate them. 

I just followed the recipe : )

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the recipe, someone can/will convert it.


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LA Baker

So would the formula be this:

Water: 68

Instant yeast: 1

Type 55 - style Flour (I used Bread Flour): 100

Sea Salt: 2

These are the numbers from the Baker's Percentage column. 

- water in bowl of mixer, add yeast, flour and salt

- stir until clumpy but water is absorbed, then let rest for 20min.

- mix on speed 2 of KA mixer for 8-10min, should be very smooth and springy

- oil bowl and cover with wrap for about 45min to increase 25% (mine doubled during this time)

- I did the stretch and fold method now, then back in the bowl for 45-1hr.

- prep oven for 450 degrees

- divide dough into 10oz. pcs. and shape baguettes

- form couche and let baguettes rise for 30-40min (should increase by 1.5 X)

- score baguettes and bake for 15-20min


Post pics if you decide to make these!