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Chocolate Bread

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Chocolate Bread

I spotted this recipe from Suzanne Martinson and gave it a try.

It turned out good. Pretty dense structure and rich taste with good chewy crust. We served it cool with sweetened cream cheese, peanut butter and hot coffee. Next time I am going to add walnuts.

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That's a very nice rustic style looking loaf of bread you made.

I made a chocolate yeast bread once years ago, using a recipe from Carol Field's Italian Baker. It took the better part of 4hrs to rise but when it was finally baked, cooled, and sliced it was the well worth the wait. I'm wondering how long it took this recipe of Suzanne Martison's to rise.

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I am guessing this one could have done better with more time. I let it go for 1.5 hours per the recipe. Next time I'll let it go long.

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Chef Dylan - Fr...

Just got into baking bread and need to get into making sweet varieties soon after seeing this.

Just finished baking baguettes and was very very pleased with the outcome, full info on my blog


Cant wait to vary my repetoire!