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Greetings from a weekend baker!

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Greetings from a weekend baker!

Hello all!

I joined the site a week or so ago and LOVE it so far. I have already made a few breads which have been a success on the whole but I have learned a lot about the mistajkes I did make. I love to cook and am very comfortable in the kitchen but have avoided baking because I don't enjoy the precision necessary to be good at it. I am finding that I seem to have a bit of a knack for bread however and it is enjoyable and seems to allow some wiggle room which is good for me! I tend to jump into things with both feet which can be a problem sometimes but so far so good!  Part of my renewed interest in baking is because we lived overseas for a few years and had a WONDERFUL bakery in our village. Now we are back in the states and I can't find the artisan breads we so enjoy, so I'm making them myself! Everything I have tried so far has been successful if not perfect and I am excited to be able to look up the different types and look for what I should be/could be doing different to improve. Thanks already for the great information and lessons. I'll just keep doing it until I get it just right!


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Frequent Flyer

Hi Shannon

I'm new as well and share your enthusiasm.  I don't know anyone around here that bakes breads, so it's great to find communities of folks as hooked as I am. 

Enjoy the baking.