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Questions about Potato Flour

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Questions about Potato Flour

Hi everyone. I'm considering using some potato flour in my bread roll recipe. I have a few questions:

1. Does potato flour help to increase softness and moisture retention?

2. Does potato flour affect crumb structure significantly?

3. If I replace a % of flour with potato flour, should I increase the % of liquid?

4. Does potato flour adversely affect rise and volume? When dough has potato flour, will rise time (second rise) be affected (ie. should I let the dough rise for a longer period)?

Basically, I would like to make my bread rolls softer or as soft as they are now but with better retention of moisture, and without sacrificing volume. I would like my bread rolls to stay soft for a longer period of time. I'd love to hear about people's experience with potato flour, and ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Why flour [potato starch] ? Potato does retain moisture in your bread and adds flavor. It shouldn't effect rise time significantly but large amounts certainly effect volume as the is no gluten in it.

Potato water can be used or potato [boiled and put through a ricer ] can be used with or without the water. I don't use recipes so I can't give you numbers .I've never used potato flour but frequently use potato.

Potato water/potato is the best thing for growing your own yeast ,providing great nutrition for the yeast.