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pizza with bread dough

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pizza with bread dough

This is one of the best pizza dough I ever made, although I burned out some of the cheese.

Here is the recipe:


100 gm water

2 tbsp olive oil per cup of flour

150 gm  AP Flour

pinch ground mint

pinch any type you like of seeds

1 tsp salt

1.5 tsp yeast


mix all ingredients except salt leave it after mixing yeast for a while. leave dough to double in size, shape the dough to be about 3 mm thickness (do not tear the air pockets in the dough), treat it gentely.


top with tomatoes, cheese or any thing you like.


Good luck


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Matt H

Mint? Really? (!) How fun.

Looks yummy. You have not succumbed to the temptation to overload that sometimes captures me. As is often the case with pizza, less is more!

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Looks delicious! I will have to try the mint next time I make pizza...

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in pizza less is more yes. and what u put in dough is very vital

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That pizza looks great!...Here is my first sourdough made with my usual pizza!

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That loaf looks great also. Would you mind posting your recipe?


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Thanks mrfrost!



flour 100%

water 63%

sourdough starter: 30%

salt 2.5%


Mix with autolyse, bulk ferment approx. 6 hours with a few folds, shape and put in fridge for about 18 hours or until next day. Bring to room temp, top pizza and bake...


Here's a sample...


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this looks great. usually I don't get big posority like you have. how can you have such crumb??

jcamador's picture

It's magic! No seriously...this dough takes time to develop with lots of time to ferment and proof...

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I used some left over whole wheat sourdough for pizza a while back.  Didn't give it enough time so the crust was so-so, but it was photogenic.