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Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti for Valentines Day

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Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti for Valentines Day

Why not try something different for Valentines Day and give your love ones a real double chocolate treat. These biscotti are perfect and wrapped in a pretty red box with ribbons would be a real surprise when opened.


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They looked lovely and chocolately..I will be baking these : )


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These look delicious. Are they hard and crunchy and need to be dunked in a hot beverage? My wife's family is Italian and I know they would love these. Thanks for the idea. I'll have to look at the recipe.


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Hi Eric,

These are double baked and are crunchy. They are great dunked and not only in drinks like hot chocolate or coffee.  Italians dunk biscotti in wine or grappa for example and chocolate also goes great with flavors like orange or anise.  So liquor drinks with these flavors compliment biscotti. Biscotti are for all ages and make wonderful gifts as well. 



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I like!  Looks delicious!  Al

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Mini Oven

Not to change the subject but I had always wanted to experiment with discard sourdough brownies....  I wonder... sorry, rambling here.

I will admit that brownies have more oil or butter and it would mess up the second bake drying them out. 

Hey that carrot cake looks good!  I know what you mean by not finishing the last bite... makes me think carrots.  Ever try cooking them first and mixing them in with stiff egg whites?   "Pulverized nuts" make nut butter in my mind.  Do you mean grated?