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Hey from Georgia

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Frequent Flyer

Hey from Georgia

I'm a guy from the south (Texas, Arkansas, Louisianna and Georgia). I like the site very much and have learned from it.  I love the search engine but find locating recipes a little difficult - that will likely pass as I learn the site.

I started bread making in August, though I've had limited experience in past years.  I read about the subject a great deal and have developed a small library.  The names Rose, Beth, Peter and David appear on their covers.  :) 

I've made an equal number of aritsan, sourdough, and sandwich loaves and find I don't really care that much for sourdough flavor, though others in my family do, so I maintain a wild yeast starter.  I eat mostly whole grain loaves so my Dr's don't yell at me so much.

Looking forward to meeting you. 


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Good to see you here Loren. I look forward to seeing what you bake.


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Welcome from a fellow Georgian.  Lived here just shy of 50 years now.

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Frequent Flyer

It's nice to meet you, Ken.  I'm not too far south of Atlanta.