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Bread in Paris - Le Pain Parisien

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Bread in Paris - Le Pain Parisien

A beautiful video of a parisian bread shop for those of you interested.  Anyone who loves bread will get the emotion and the love of bread that transpires through these pictures.

Bon Appetit ! J'espere que vous aimerez.

Even the name of the site is so well chosen.  Translation: 'of bread and'


PS - I have had trouble in inserting the link and ensure it opens but this should work: to open, click on the link above with the right hand mouse button and 'open in new window'.  It seems to work.















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Thank you for linking this wonderful video. It is a source of inspiration.


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And I'm amazed to see all the stuff they pump out from what seems to be a seriously small baking area.

I love that they shun "modern" speed baking practices which would be enormously tempting to follow.

Wonder if they take apprentices. I could do with some brushing up on my French.

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Probably worth asking!  I imagine it would be a great experience.

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A couple of years back I was the tour guide and translator for a Paris bakery tour.  We all wondered at the compact nature of the bakeries.  No one from the US would even consider setting up a bakery in such small spaces.

What the owners told us (and we had bakers from raggedy home baker me to bakery owners) was that apprentices were easy to find, but the real difficulty was finding counter ladies.

I think of that as a career opportunity often, as I really do fit the profile of a bakery counter lady...

But it is always worth asking!

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Makes me want to bake : ) and eat!


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I enjoyed the clip.  I don't speak French but I could guess what they were talking about.  Love to see the kids enjoying freshly baked goodies.  Looked so delicious!  I was impressed with the size of the bake room and that there were only a couple of guys making loaves after loaves.  Amazing!  Al

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From the fashion world to a boulangerie,  Mr. Vasseur's sense of style is very apparent in his beautiful bakery.

Better yet, his breads are primarily leavened with sourdough!

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I need to get back to Paris and the wonderful bread, cheese, wine, museums and on and on.  I also need to brush up on my French, I was only catching a smattering of what they were saying. :(

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This was a relaxing and enjoyable video to watch...even without understanding a single word.  The guys were as good-looking as the bread!