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sticky buns

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sticky buns

Just made some sticky cinnamon raisin buns, the taste and texture was wonderful, but as you can see no pictures, they looked sort of up and down, not nice and even, but boy the taste was there. made 2 doz buns and one raisin loaf.......
1 litre tap hot water,
2 1 inch cubes fresh yeast
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup soft butter
rounded teaspoon fine sea salt
2 eggs at room temp
and enough flour to give me a good workable dough.
dough up all, leave to proof, shape as required, rise baked at
390 convection. qahtan

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Mini Oven

I'm trying to figure out how many rolls this makes...


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Well it made for me 2 doz large sticky buns and one good size loaf, I really have no Idea how much flour I used, as I said I added enough flour to give me a good feel workable dough.

I do know that the loaf weighed 1 pound 6 ounces, as it was what I had left after making the buns, so rather than go through the rrolling out of dough again I just added a good handful of raisins and quickly kneaded them in and formed a loaf.....

 One thing you may find interesting was yesterday I put all but 9 buns into the freezer, and this morning I found the buns that were in ziplock bag on counter were just as soft and nice as they were yesterday..... qahtan