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Whole Wheat flour question

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Whole Wheat flour question

I just bought a new bag of King Arthur Traditional Whole Wheat flour and I notice it no longer says it is stoneground...the bag I bought about a year ago said it was stone ground (I cut out and tape the labels onto my flour bins so I know what is what). I also looked at the KA website and it makes no mention of stoneground in their whole wheat flour description. Anyone know when and why they stopped producing stoneground, and if what they now produce as their traditional whole wheat is considered medium or finely ground? I'm not so sure by look or feel myself - it looks and feels just like some of the old flour I had left from last  year.

I tried to sift out the bran to make a high extraction whole wheat flour for a recipe, and I notice not much bran was left in the sifter, which leads me to believe the flour may be too finely ground to do this. I did see some Bob's Red Mill Stoneground Whole Wheat flour in a neaby store so maybe I should try that instead. Anyone have a favorite medium to coarse ground whole wheat flour they can recommend?  Thanks.

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I was actually thinking of picking up some of Bob's WW flour tomorrow to compare to the KA WW flour. My impression is that the KA WW flour is much more finely ground than Bob's, but I haven't verified that.

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I would suggest e-mailing King Arthur's customer service address with your questions. They take a day or two to respond (there is only one person answering), but they have always been straightforward and honest in answering technical questions. They even directed me to a competitor for a requirement they couldn't fill, which is my ultimate test of a trustworthy supplier.