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Freeze ahead of time

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Freeze ahead of time


I ended up with quite a bit of discard (1-2 weeks old), and want to make something with it that I could freeze now and bake later. I was thinking Banana Bread, Bagels (freeze after boiling), Pizza crusts, and Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Hamburger Buns. Will these work? Any other ideas are welcome :) Oh, by the way, can I freeze onion rings in batter? Thanks!

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 You can not freeze bananna bread before it is bake due to the baking powder/soda in it; as they are activated by the wet ingredients and the heat. You can freeze it after baking it. I bake double one to use immediately and freeze one wrapped with plastic wrap, foil and then in a zipper type bag. Freezes well this way for 3-4 months.

As far as any yeasted bread items (not sure about bagels though) you follow all directions through the final shape and rising and bake for approx 15-20 minutes, enough to get oven spring and set the crust and the cool then wrap as above. I have heard some people freezing after final shaping and without baking, just like big box stores use but I have not had success doing it that way.

when using yeast bread that has been frozen, thaw completely and finishing baking at temp. of original recipe for 15-20 minutes tented with foil if necessary.

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I have only tried making pizza dough with my discard and it turns out great and  after letting it rise, punch it down, shape into balls or roll out then freeze with out baking; I am going to try  to pre-bake some before I freeze them but that take freezer space.