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San Joaquin formula question for Dave

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San Joaquin formula question for Dave

Hi Dave,

I prepared my own version of your San Joaquin sourdough formula this morning but I am confused about the salt content in the formula.  Do you salt your starter?

Ingredients              Weight       Baker's Percentage

Firm starter              150 gms     30.00%

KAF AP flour             450 gms     90.00%

BRM Dark Rye flour     50 gms     10.00%

Water                     360 gms      72.00%

Salt                                  10 mgs        2.00%


If I assume your starter to be 100/60 compostion then your total flour is 450+50+94 (from starter)=594g.  Thus, 10g/ 594g= 1.7%.  I added enough salt to bring it up to 1.9% total.  Do you think there will be any significant differences in how the dough performs compared to yours?



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Hi, Franc.

No. I don't salt my starter.

My starter is 1:3:4 (starter:water:flour). I feed it with a flour mix of 70:20:10 (AP:WW:Rye).

The main effect of adding salt to a fermenting starter is to slow down fermentation. This is sometimes done intentionally to manipulate timing.

How much salt to add to the dough is a matter of taste. I add 10 gms of salt for 500gms of flour (not counting the flour in the starter). If you add more than the 100 gms of starter I usually use to the dough, you are adding more flour and may find the bread tastes like it needs more salt. If so, increase it.