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Hi, from Kansas City, Missouri

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Hi, from Kansas City, Missouri

I love the TFL site.

I recently started baking again after a 24-year gap. I learned to make Sourdough at a new bakery in Minneapolis one summer. There were just to of us, the owner's son and my self, learning from a French baker over the phone how to make bread. I wasn't cut out to be a baker, as I required sleep. Sometimes we would bake two days in a row almost non-stop. Came home to Kansas City and made bread out of my home and sold it at a wonderful Macrobiotic restaurant named Amber Waves. I taught my mom how to make it and she made it so good I had a source for bread and I went back to my old profession electronics.

I started back up 2 months ago and have been trying lots of different techniques. I really miss the bolted flour I bought back then. It became unavailable back shortly after I quit backing. It tasted so good and kneaded with so little effort. I have my 25-year-old impact mill and a new KA mill. I have been working on grinding and getting the mix of grains I like. My favorite bread is and always has been a lightly bolted lean round mild sour sourdough loaf. I will dig my camera out and take a picture of a loaf some day soon. Some other favorite loaves are Raisin Almond, Sesame, and French Baguettes. Oh and Pizza, I have been trying my hand at that too.

We called the sourdough starter that we put in the dough "ZD". I was a little surprised I didn't see it in any of the reading I have been doing.

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Postal Grunt

Welcome to the TFL neighborhood. You'll enjoy it here. We don't do politics, just baking bread mostly and a few more treats. Lots of us got going on baking because we wanted better pizza. It's got to be the yeast genes.

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who just happens to be a bit far afield for the next couple of years. 

I spent a sleep-deprived week last year at The Back Home Bakery (Mark Sinclair, the owner, is a frequent poster here, too), so I know what you mean by that.

Gotta admit, I haven't a clue about what "ZD" might be.  How about contributing to my continuing education?

Keep us posted on your breads, please.


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ZD was the way we wrote sourdough on our backer percentages. The Z had a line through it. I searched Google and found nothing. I am guessing it was our misinterpretation of our French teachers English. I is kinda stuck in my head now after all these years.