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rising problem

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rising problem

I wonder if anyone is able to help me. I made a batch of tolls this afternoon. It was a new recipe but I thought I would try out my pizza stone. The rolls looked great and rose like a dream until I put them into the oven. I put the rolls on parchment paper to make them easier to get in and out of the oven. I had the stone hot at over 400 degrees. I put my iron skillet in the oven and added ice cubes for moisture. The rolls stopped rising as soon as they got in the oven. They turned out flat as a  pancake. The flavour is great but they just didn't rise. What did I do wrong? 

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If your rolls 'rose like a dream', it's possible you let them rise too much, so that when they hit the heat of the oven, their strength was gone and they just collapsed.

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When asking for help or advice with a recipe it is important to include the recipe with all of its instruction and details.  Without knowing what you did and what you did it with, it is all but impossible to accurately suggest a solution.


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I agree that the likely suspect is overproofing.

As an aside:  I realize that there are some who insist on using ice cubes in a hot pan to produce steam in the oven when baking bread and it is correct to say that the ice cubes will produce steam; eventually.  But I'd suggest keeping in mind that the ice must first melt, then come to boiling temperature, before releasing steam.  If you want to produce steam in your oven for baking bread you will get more steam, more quickly, but starting with a pan of boiling water.