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Sourdough Rising Time

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Sourdough Rising Time

Hi all,

I've been visiting this site for a while but this is my first forum post. So anyway, here we go!

I've recently been experimenting with sourdough starters and I'm finding that most recipes seem to specify loooong rising times. However, I'm starting to think my loaves are actually ending up over-proved. For example, today I am in the process of making a loaf in the following proportions:

250g rye leaven

300g strong white flour

100g rye flour

100g wholemeal flour

300g water

The leaven was refreshed the night before, I mixed the dough at 12pm, it was shaped and placed into a banneton at 3pm. It's now 5pm and it seems proved - when I poke it does not spring back. I'm in England and it's not particularly warm inside, about 20 degrees C. According to my recipe the dough should prove for another 3 hours. Is it possible that it is ready? Or is my poke test not a reliable indicator?

With some of my previous attempts the dough has ended up extremely wobbly and too slack to really slash properly, however I thought sourdough was supposed to be very slow so I stuck to the recipe timings to start with. Now I'm starting to think that I should trust my instincts a little more. Any suggestions?







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Ignore suggested rise and proof times given in sourdough recipes. No two sourdough cultures are alike.

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OK thanks! I have ignored timings, trusted my judgement and the loaf is now baking. I suppose your advice is common sense really but being a beginner I was reluctant to stray too much from the recipe. Excited to see how this one turns out!