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Potato Leek Bread

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Potato Leek Bread

This is Potato Leek bread from SteveB's "Bread cetera" blog. His breads are amazing, and this one is no exception. The potato and leek go so well together. I used Yukon Gold potatoes instead of the red potatoes called for in the formula. I've made it both ways though and both are good (I think). The only other change I made was to use my firm starter in lieu of the 100% hydration starter. 

This is my first try at the "fendu" shape. This shape is traditional for potato breads but I don't see it around much. I don't think I got it tight enough before going into the brotform, it kind of exploded. Oh well, I like the shape, and it's nice to not have to score sometimes. 

here's the crumb from the other (small) loaf that was made with this batch of dough:

This one's a winner, and if you like leeks you should try them in this bread :-)



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That bread looks delicious!

Potatoes and leeks are wonderful together. Try making mashed potatoes with sautéed leeks (or shallots) and olive oil (rather than butter).

I've made potato bread with leftover mashed potatoes with leeks.. It is certainly good.

I think your fendu worked well.


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I just want to take a bite of your picture.  Nicely done!  Al

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Two of my favorites...potatoes and leeks. 


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Thanks David, Al and Sylvia for the nice comments!