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Bleached flour

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Bleached flour

I got extra leftover of AP bleached flour. Can I use it for sourdough baking and starter making?

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Sean McFarlane

But thats just me.  I would suggest using any leftover bleached AP to make some cookies, cakes, and other stuff along the pastry line. Then I would jsut buy unbleached from then on.

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Of course you can use it for sourdough.  You can use it for any other bread that uses white wheat flour.

Most of my every day breads (here's one) are made with bleached AP flour.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

If it's a question of whether or not bleached flour is healthy, let me assure you that I've used it all of my life.  I'm past seventy and in better health than the kid next door who practices holistic medicine, takes a dozen natural organic vitamins each day and eats only organic foods.

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Sean McFarlane

baked bread with and without bleached flour, and while bleaching agents are a touchy topic, whenever i bake with bleached flour i always get an OFF taste to the bread...can't pin down whats off...just doesnt taste as good!

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Many different flours would work just fine including bleached flour.  However from the standpoint of health and flour quality I would not touch chemically bleached flour.   The subject as been discussed a number of times and if you search the site you will find those discussions.